Art Taylor Blog on McGee

Review and Q & A on Art Taylor’s book blog. Great questions. As you’ll see, we soon get into my thoughts about the weird way this case has been factually mangled over the years. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.


4 responses to “Art Taylor Blog on McGee

  1. michelle johnson

    You use the word mangled to describe the Willie Magee case. But what about the rape victim. Where is the concern for her? You have gone on and on about Mr. Magee but you have said nothing about the rape victim. Mr. Magee, by your own description, was a liar and abandoned his family. Why are you so supportive of him? Certainly our laws are different now. For committing a violent act of rape, a man serves less than 4 years in prison while a woman spends many years of her life reliving the event. Why arent you making people aware of the horrific effects of rape?

  2. michelle johnson

    And No, Mr. Heard, this is not a real life To Kill A Mockingbird. That was a brilliant work of fiction that lives on today. This case was a real life tragedy.

  3. michelle johnson

    I have never seen anything like the way this rape victim was vilified. And once again, as a representative of the media, you seem to have ignored another essential fact, this victim was blamed for a violent rape. The rape by a man that abandoned his wife and 4 children. A man that allowed impostors to pose as his family for financial gain. No wonder women refuse to report rape. Yes the system has changed. Rapists are now provided many more rights than their victims. Sadly, victims are still revictimized by reporters and the judicial system. The communist party did not save McGee’s life and they ruined many others.

  4. Amen!

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