Heading for Mississippi!

Just writing to remind friends and relatives in the Mississippi and New Orleans spheres of influence that I’ll be there the week after Memorial Day, all week. Here’s the Jackson, Miss., rundown. If you’re in one of other towns I’m hitting, email me and I’ll give you more precise info. alexheard@yahoo.com

Thanks to everybody who helped me put this trip together. You know who you are.

Tuesday in Jackson

12 Noon at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History building, 200 North Street, downtown Jackson.

Go to the main entrance and there should be more exact information about where to head once you’re inside. I’ll be presenting a talk and slide show about the Willie McGee case, with guest-shot heroics from my friend Dr. Luke Lampton, who researched the case years ago as a college student and generously shared his taped interviews with me.

5:30 P.M. at Lemuria Books
202 Banner Hall
4465 I-55 North
(601) 366.7619

More of the same that afternoon at Jackson’s coolest bookstore!

I’m in Oxford on Wednesday (Overby Center at Ole Miss at 9 A.M., and Square Books that afternoon, at 5 PM), Greenwood on Thursday at Turnrow Books, Laurel area on Friday (no scheduled venue there, alas, but I’m still hoping and working on it), and New Orleans over the weekend, with a Sunday afternoon appearance at Garden District Books.

Fun times ahead . . .


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