For those of you who are new to this site and haven’t read the book, note: I posted the first chapter in its entirety, so you can read it “without risk” to anything but your eyeballs. Scroll down just below to the entry labeled “The Hot Seat.”

If you have read the book and know who the character Rosalee McGee is, look for news about her just below that entry. This week, I finally got my hands on the FBI file kept on Rosalee during the years of the case—something I wasn’t able to do before the book was published. Interesting info in there, summarized in the entry called “Rosalee News.”


2 responses to “Updates

  1. Verne Christensen

    I’m a big fan of Google Earth and am wondering if you know the address on S. Magnolia where the rape allegedly took place…
    Thanks! I’m really enjoying the book. Fascinating.

    • Verne: the address is in the book, but note: that block of houses doesn’t exist anymore. There’s a highway overpass there now. The house Willie McGee lived in with his mother is also gone.

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